Double-wall Corrugated Pipe Manufacturers Performance

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1. Light weight, easy to handle and handle
The double-wall corrugated pipe is light in material, easy to handle, and can be loaded and unloaded, saving manpower.
2. Excellent chemical resistance
Double wall corrugated pipe has excellent acid, alkali and corrosion resistance and is suitable for the chemical industry.
3. Low fluid resistance
The wall of the double-wall corrugated pipe is smooth, the fluid resistance is small, and the roughness coefficient is only 0.009, which is lower than other pipes. At the same flow rate, the tube diameter can be reduced.
4. High mechanical strength
Double wall corrugated pipe has excellent hydraulic strength, external pressure strength and impact strength, and is suitable for pipeline engineering under various conditions.
5. Good electrical insulation
Double-walled bellows have excellent electrical insulation and are suitable for wire and cable ducts as well as wire and cable ducts in buildings.
6. Simple structure
The skirt joint is adopted, the construction is quick and convenient, and the construction cost is low.

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