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    It has good water resistance, long-term foaming in water, no delamination and no rot, the water swelling rate of the material is less than 0.06%, and the sheet size is stable. It is acid-resistant, alkali-resistant and corrosion-resistant. It can be used normally at -20°C-60°C without affecting the effect and durability. It is more suitable than steel formwork in China's coastal areas, underground works, mines, sea dams, drainage and other projects.
It has strong plasticity and can produce different shapes and specifications according to design requirements and different mold forms. The surface of the template can be made into a decorative pattern, which makes the combination of formwork engineering and decoration engineering, which is difficult to achieve with other material building templates.
   This template is used to replace the traditional wooden building formwork, green, more convenient to use, and more recycling (40-100 times) to reduce investment costs. The new material hollow building formwork is arranged neatly according to the mechanical principle, which is heat-resistant and cold-resistant. The expansion coefficient is small. Solved the defect of solid template warpage deformation.
Comparison of various template performance and parameters

Template performance
Wyuan Hollow building template
PVC plastic template

Poplar wood template

Aluminum template

Wear resistance
Wear resistant Wear resistant Wear resistant Wear resistant

Corrosion resistance
 wear resistant wear resistant
Not wear resistant
 wear resistant
Can complete the arch template




Impact strength

high strength



Water absorption
Not deformed

Not deformed

Easy to break

Not deformed
Mold release


Brush stripping machine


Warp after use

No warping

Easy warpage

Easy warpage

No warping
Weight(KG/㎡) 7KG 15kg 7.2kg 1.8kg
Allocation price(元/㎡) 0.6-1.5 6 5 40
eature of product
A has moisture resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, characteristic corrosion resistance, template rigid and plastic combination, high strength, light weight, high impact strength, can be sawed, planed, nailed
B. Light weight, full specifications, light and easy to dismantle the mold. Construction operation and handling are safe and reliable, low labor intensity and high construction efficiency.
C. It has high strength, strong toughness, impact resistance, strong elasticity and less deformation, which greatly improves the number of times of turnover of the template. The number of theoretical turnovers is 70-80 times, which is reflected in the contract no less than 50 times. See the contract details for details.
D. The surface is smooth and smooth, and it has good peeling property with concrete, easy to demould, and can greatly accelerate the construction progress and help to realize fair-faced concrete.
E does not need to apply a release agent during use, easy to clear and maintain, thus reducing the cost of template cleaning and maintenance.
F. It can 100% recycle, regenerate and reduce the pollution of waste to the environment, which is in line with the basic national policy of the country to create a conservation-oriented society.
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