The Sponge City

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     Sponge city refers to a city that, like sponge, has good "elasticity" in adapting to environmental changes and responding to natural disasters. It absorbs water, stores water, seeps water and purifies water when it rains, and "releases" and USES the stored water when it is needed.

      Sponge city construction should follow the principle of ecological priority, combine natural ways with artificial measures, on the premise of ensuring the safety of urban drainage and waterlogging prevention, maximize the accumulation, infiltration and purification of rainwater in urban areas, and promote the utilization of rainwater resources and ecological environmental protection.

     The construction of "sponge city" is not to overthrow and replace the traditional drainage system, but to "reduce the burden" and supplement the traditional drainage system, and give full play to the role of the city itself.

      In the process of sponge city construction, it is necessary to coordinate the systematicness of natural precipitation, surface water and underground water, coordinate the water circulation and utilization of water supply, drainage and other links, and consider its complexity and long-term nature.

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