Introduction of floating body

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What is a floating body?

A floating body is an object like a floating board. On the surface of mud or water, onshore equipment cannot be operated, but can only be installed on an object like a "floating body". With the buoyancy of the liquid on it, people can work on the surface of water or mud with the help of a floating body.

The shell is made of medium density polyethylene with high compressive strength and excellent toughness.The plastic shell is filled with high strength and buoyancy polyurethane foam.The floating body is shock and wave resistant, compact and reasonable in structure, simple in installation, and excellent in performance. It has become the first choice for customers of sand pumping pipeline as the floating material for water mud discharge pipeline.I. characteristics of floating body:

1, the floating body anti-impact anti-wave, compact and reasonable structure, simple installation, excellent performance, as the floating material of water mud pipeline has become the preferred product performance characteristics of today's sediment transport customers:
2, good toughness, resistance to environmental stress cracking, suitable for the construction of the sea and lakes.

3. Light weight, strong wear resistance, easy installation and handling, low transportation and transfer cost.
4, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, long life, is three times the life of the steel buoy.
5. Easy to assemble, fast, flexible and diverse in shape.
6, the price is low, cost-effective is significantly better than the steel buoy.

7, because of stable quality, novel shape, reasonable price, excellent service, etc., welcomed by users.Second, floating body characteristics:
A, light quality, large buoyancy
B, impact resistant, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion such as
C, absorption rate is low

D. simple construction and low maintenance cost

E, temperature tolerance range - 60-80 ℃

3. Use of floating body: it is mainly used for laying on the water of dredging vessels, sand blowing vessels and dredging pipelines, etc., such as the ocean and rivers and lakes.

4. Floating body function

A. ensure the pipeline is floating on water

B. the appearance color of orange can be used as a warning sign to prevent the collision of pipeline
C. it is convenient for the inspection and maintenance of pipeline

D. shorten the construction period, reduce the cost and reduce the maintenance cost

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