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            Talking About The Method Of Dredging Mud Disposal(1)

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                 Dredged sediment disposal technology solutions must be according to each port dredging physics, chemistry, engineering, and biological properties of mud, from the economic, technical, social, and environmental impact aspects of comparison, comprehensive analysis of various schemes, the preferred technology mature, easy and convenient management, low investment cost, the social environment impact the smallest technology solutions, at the same time, adjust measures to local conditions, determined in accordance with local requirements and conditions of the optimal solution.
                The disposal method of dredged mud with serious contamination: for dredged mud with serious contamination that cannot be dumped or blown in, burning mineralization or closed stacking disposal should be chosen on land, but the dredged bottom mud with serious pollution cannot be directly blown in and piled up, and special measures must be taken for harmless and decontamination treatment.The dredged mud can also be partially or completely used as resources for land use and building materials.
                In the deconsolidation process, the treatment technology of the dredged material can be combined into a treatment and comprehensive utilization treatment chain.Pyrolysis and solvent extraction were adopted at medium temperature, and fluidized bed, rotating cellar burning and plasma torch were used to treat severely polluted dredged materials at high temperature, and finally used to make cement and glass, etc.The specific disposal methods and treatment technologies should also take into account the geographical distribution, social environment, production scale and conditions, adjacent relations and field resources and environment of dredged mud.
                In the process of disposal, the following problems should be considered: secondary pollution in the transportation of dredged mud with high water content;Anti-seepage technology of closed storage yard and pollution
            diffusion of dredged mud;Standard emission of flue gas from incineration;Emission of pollutants (gas) in the process of decontamination;The influence of dredge mud quality on the quality of the product and the way out of the product.

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