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            Talking About The Method Of Dredging Mud Disposal(2)

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               Slightly polluted dredged mud disposal method:For light pollution or clean dredging, the disposal method of sea throwing and dredging may be selected according to the situation, and the resource utilization mode of landfilling and land-laying is preferred. Because many waterways and port areas have long dredging sections, the amount of dredging works is large, and there is a lack of marine dumping areas with close transportation distance and sufficient capacity. Combined with the construction of the port, the use of dredged mud for landfilling and turning waste into treasure is an economic, reasonable, environmentally friendly and effective method for dredging mud treatment. According to the specific project conditions, the method of water throwing combined with land throwing and land throwing can be adopted, that is, a mud pit is set at the side of the dredging area for secondary blowing.

               The method can not only reduce the influence of the water dredging of the dredged soil on the surrounding water environment, but also save the engineering cost caused by the far distance of the throwing sea, and solve the technical problem of the difficulty in the treatment of the dredged soil. Dredging projects with small squares and close to the dumping area can also choose to dump at sea while minimizing environmental damage.

               When selecting a landfill filling scheme, attention should be paid to the following aspects: environmental protection measures should be properly set up, pay attention to the setting of the dredging cofferdam and overflow opening to meet the environmental requirements of grading sedimentation; Reasonable, both to meet the economic benefits and to take into account the environmental benefits; according to the specific conditions of the project, such as dredging mud, dredging mud properties, dredging area, landfill location, project budget, resource utilization, etc., choose the appropriate filling Construction technology and scheme, dredging mud solidification technology (physical, chemical, heat treatment methods).

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