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            Talking About The Method Of Dredging Mud Disposal(3)

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              Disposal methods in other situations:From the perspective of rational use of national resources and reduction of marine environmental pollution, for large-scale dredging projects such as excavation or widening of the sea channel, dredged mud should be used as much as possible to fill land and meet the needs of construction land in the port area. From the perspective of effective use of dredged soil and environmental protection, cofferdams are installed in the dredging area to allow the dredged mud to flow and settle as long as possible in the cofferdam to ensure that the mud content in the overflow is less than 5%. Reinforcement treatment is carried out by soft soil reinforcement treatment methods such as preloading, vacuum preloading, and vacuum preloading.

              The more advanced is to solidify the dredged mud and add solidified material to the dredged mud. The treated dredged mud, that is, the solidified soil has good engineering properties, and the selection of the solidified material takes into consideration economic and environmental protection. When the Nanhai Branch of the State Oceanic Administration launched the national high-tech application sector development project, the dredging mud (fly ash) comprehensive utilization technology, the best formulation research of the dredged mud solidified material was carried out to determine the three economics of cement, fly ash and gypsum. Environmentally friendly composite curing material and optimum formulation.

              At the same time, other resource utilization methods, such as building materials, making ceramsite, brick and tile, can not only achieve the purpose of dredging mud reduction, harmlessness and stabilization, but also avoid secondary pollution and variable waste. For the treasure, get economic benefits. At the same time, only the building materials industry can timely absorb such a large amount of dredged sediment with inorganic materials as the main component, thus ensuring the smooth progress of the dredging project. However, this technology requires high physical and chemical properties and technical conditions of the dredged mud, and can be selected at the right time when the technology is mature, the scale of production and conditions permit.

              Generally speaking, the content of dredged clay in Shenzhen Port Area is relatively large, and the sand is small. It is one of the conditions for making ceramsite. It is best to choose the content of SiO2 and Al2O3 as low as possible within the specified range, and Fe2O3, organic matter. The content of the clay is higher and the water content of the clay, the smaller the sand content, the better the dredged mud.

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