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            Principle Of Dredging And Filling Engineering

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               The dredging and filling principle is that all kinds of dredgers are excavated under water, and then transported to a designated area through pipelines. The soil material is precipitated after a certain period of time to form a dredging area with a certain degree of compactness. Dredging and filling in the waterway management, water conservancy construction, landfilling, national defense and other projects play a pivotal role, becoming an important industry in China's inspection machine construction.

               At the same time, with the continuous growth of China's accession to the WTO, the openness of the domestic dredging industry has also increased, and foreign dredging companies have also continuously entered the Chinese market, which has undoubtedly brought more impact to domestic dredging enterprises. In the dredging and filling industry, competition is becoming increasingly fierce. In order to meet the needs of market economy development, dredging enterprises must continuously explore the potential of reducing engineering costs and maximize profits while ensuring the quality of the project. Therefore, under the new situation, strengthening cost control can not only improve the management level of enterprises, create more profits, but also promote the formation of a good cost concept and enrich the corporate culture.

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