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            Construction Method Of Cutter Suction Dredger

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               The basic construction method of the cutter suction dredger is the horizontal excavation method, and the cross-excavation method has the steel pile positioning horizontal digging method and the anchor cable positioning horizontal digging method.
               1 Steel pile positioning cross-excavation method, that is, the two steel piles are alternately inserted into the river bottom. As the center of the swing, the hull is oscillated back and forth to perform dredging by alternately retracting the left and right swing cables (dragon rope cables) in front of the reamer bridge. 
               2 anchor cable positioning cross-excavation method, with the main (or tail) anchor as the swinging center of the horizontal excavation, using the winch to tighten the front and rear side anchor cables in the transverse direction, while releasing the front and rear side anchor cables on the other side, while digging and moving, Dig one side of the trench to the other side, then tighten the main anchor cable, move forward at an appropriate distance, and dig in the opposite direction. When the flow rate is large, this construction operation is more flexible and safer than the steel pile mooring type, and is easy to avoid.
              3 When the cutter suction dredger is constructed, if the trench is long, it will be segmented according to the length of the anchor cable; if the thickness of the soil is large, it should be properly layered and excavated, the length of the segment and the thickness of the layer. Whether it is appropriate will affect the efficiency and quality of dredging, depending on the performance and construction requirements of the dredger.

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