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            Construction Method Of Sucking Dredger

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              The construction method of the suction dredger can be divided into the loading method, the bypass method and the filling method depending on the mud treatment method.
              1 Loading method, which is the most commonly used basic construction method, can be used in areas that can meet the requirements of the ship's navigation and turn, and have mud or mud. For some loose fine-grained sediments, in order to improve the loading concentration, the clean water in the tank can be drained before loading, and the tank concentration is normal before loading, which has certain effect on improving productivity.
              2 The bypass method is to discharge the excavated mud directly into the tank without being placed in the mud chamber. Although this may cause back siltation on the waterway, if the back silting speed is much slower than the dredging speed, and the scouring action of the water flow can be used to deepen the trenching, it is feasible to use the bypass method. The bypass construction method is feasible. It can save the round-trip time of the mud and concentrate on the shoal. Because the mud is not loaded, the dredger's draught is shallow and can work on shoals with water depth restrictions. Especially in areas where the river bed has a large change in scouring and silting, but there is enough scouring flow rate, the method can improve the work efficiency.
              3 The filling method is to discharge the mud contained in the mud voyage to the filling site with the mud pump of the dredger itself.

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