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            Construction Method Of Grab-type Dredger

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              1.Grab-type dredgers are generally positioned with one main anchor and four side anchors for dredging. The construction method generally adopts a downstream flow slitting method, and can also cross-flow horizontally in a small flow or a tidal region. Each width is determined by the working radius of the grab, typically 8m~lOm.
              2.The dredging depth of the grab-type dredger can reach more than 20m, but because the depth of the bucket is not easy to control, the smoothness of the riverbed after construction is poor, and the ultra-deep tends to be large. In order to improve the quality of trenching, the track of each bucket groove should be overlapped, that is, the transverse distance of the grab bucket is generally 0.7 ~ 0.8 times of the width of the two shell flaps of the grab bucket.。 The slanting distance of the stalk of the stalk of the stalk is 0. 7~0. 8 times. The dredge's forward distance should not exceed the length of the grab.

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