Dredging of Kunming Lake in the Summer Palace

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  In 1956, Haiho Conservancy Board built China's first medium-sized combined cutter suction dredger Beijing Hao, which was used to perform de-silting in Kunming Lake of the Summer Palace. The dredger is featured with a length of 30m, breadth of 10m, dredging depth of 8m and a total discharge distance of 32m.

  The dredger can be dismantled and transported by train or heavy-duty trailer to a place where the waterway cannot reach. After reaching the construction site, special bolts can be assembled to construct. Due to the high noise during the dredging of the Beijing No., the Beijing No. was delivered to Beijing by car at the end of 1956. The Beijing Municipal Water and Sewerage Engineering Bureau decided to dig the Kunming Lake (West Lake) of the Summer Palace. At the beginning of 1957, the site was assembled and the water was dredged by 770,000 cubic meters.

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