The Impact of Central Policies on the Dredging Industry

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  According to CCTV news, this year, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the "Opinions on Strengthening Ecological Environment Protection and Resolutely Fighting Pollution Prevention and Control", which requires "focusing on the fight against clear water"

  據央視新聞消息,今年,中共中央、國務院印發《關于全面加強生態環境保護 堅決打好污染防治攻堅戰的意見》,其中要求“著力打好碧水保衛戰”。

  China's dredging industry originated from river governance and flourished in urban development, which is closely related to improving the living environment. Under the background of the country's vigorous promotion of ecological civilization construction, the industry has also found a new breakthrough point, and began to march into the eco-environmental protection industry and advance toward comprehensive river basin management. While its own business is growing, it has also greatly improved the living environment. Along with the development of a number of projects, a series of technological innovations, concept innovations, and equipment
innovations have emerged in an endless stream, which has enhanced the hard power and soft power of China's dredging.

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