Dredging Can Improve the Navigation

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  Use dredging methods to dig shallow sections of deep rivers or bays to improve navigation or flood discharge capacity; an economically viable primary method of landfilling dredged soils in excavation channels or harbor basins into nearby low-lying areas for land reclamation . 
  Dredging has traditionally been treated in a manner that is abandoned or dumped in the waters adjacent to the project. The dredging project has created a new way of turning waste into treasure and comprehensively processing it, and then developed it into the use of dredged soil as building materials and materials for building buildings.
  The dredging project is also extended to excavate the bottom of the river or the bottom of the sea to bury the river or cross-sea pipeline (water pipes, oil pipes, transmission cables, communication cables, etc.); remove the sand and stone for hydraulic engineering with strong underwater displacement capacity. Material foundation; blowing sand to protect the beach and so on.

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