London to Host 10th Dredging & Land Reclamation Summit

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  The 10th Dredging & Land Reclamation Summit 2019 will take place from 15-18 July 2019 in London.Key areas of discussion will include managing project discrepancy through effective contract management, planning and use of dredged materials for land reclamation, effective project management to deliver dredging project on schedule.Ports are under constant threat of siltation. Therefore, deepening and widening the navigation channel is the priority of every dredging professionals.
  2019年第10次疏浚和土地復墾峰會將于2019年7月15日至18日在倫敦舉行。主要討論領域將包括通過有效的合同管理,規劃和使用疏浚材料進行土地復墾來管理項目差異,有效的項目管理以進行疏浚 項目如期進行。港口不斷受到淤積的威脅。 因此,深化和拓寬航道是每個疏浚專業人員的首要任務。

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