Silver Lake Dredging Update

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 The State Government is building the $11 million facility at Yorkeys Knob, which will include a six-lane boat ramp with two floating walkways, two new breakwaters for wave protection, etc.Washington County Planning and Parks Department has just released the latest update on the Silver Lake Dredging Project, saying that they are now allowing the dredged sediment to be stored on county property at Henschke Hillside Lake Access.
 華盛頓縣規劃和公園部門剛剛發布了Silver Lake Dredging Project的最新更新,稱他們現在允許將疏浚的沉積物儲存在Henschke Hillside Lake Access的縣城物業中。沉積物(湖底6-18英寸)被銀湖協會從湖中移除,作為水生入侵物種管理實踐。 出 于導航目的,該渠道中還有一些土地所有者進行了一項側面疏浚工程。
 This sediment (6-18 inches of the lake floor) is being removed from the lake by the Silver Lake Association as an aquatic invasive species management practice. There is also a side dredging project by several landowners in the channel for navigational purposes.

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