Endorsed Maintenance Dredging Costsfor North Queensland

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  The Cairns Regional Council has endorsed a contribution to the Queensland Government’s Department of Transport and Main Roads for a new public boat ramp at Yorkeys Knob, a coastal suburb of Cairns, Far North Queensland.
 凱恩斯地區委員會已經批準向昆士蘭州政府運輸和主要道路部門提供捐款,用于在昆士蘭州北部凱恩斯沿海郊區的Yorkeys Knob建造一個新的公共船坡道。州政府正在Yorkeys Knob建造價值1100萬美元的設施,該設施將包括一個帶有兩個浮動走道的六車道坡道,兩個用于防波的新防波堤等
 The State Government is building the $11 million facility at Yorkeys Knob, which will include a six-lane boat ramp with two floating walkways, two new breakwaters for wave protection, etc.

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