Goetz Is Performing Maintenance Dredging Operations

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  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Rock Island District has just announced that the 20-inch cutterhead dredge Goetz is currently busy operating in Pool 16, just downriver of Locks and Dam 15 in Rock Island, Illinois.
   As USACE reported, the Goetz is performing maintenance dredging operations to ensure the 9-foot navigation channel is ready to go after record breaking flooding swept through the area this spring.Quarters Boat Taggatz and M/V General Warren are supporting the dredge during this channel maintenance scheme.
   正如USACE報道的那樣,Goetz正在進行維護疏浚作業,以確保在今年春季席卷該地區的突破性洪水之后9英尺導航通道已經準備好。四輪船船Taggatz和M / V General Warren正在支持該通道的疏通 維修計劃。
   USACE also added that discharge pipe of the Goetz is pumping sand and silt to an authorized site on the Rock Island, Illinois, side of the Mississippi River, just downriver of Locks and Dam 15.

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