The Reason Of HDPE Pipes Development Getting Better

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  Protect the environment and live green. Due to the development of industry in the past few years, the serious environmental pollution caused by it is a major improvement problem facing China. Nowadays, the development requirements of each industry include environmental protection. It can be seen that the state attaches importance to environmental pollution and the strict formulation of environmental protection system, which makes the rapid rise of the environmental protection industry. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene is born in this context.Below, Shandong Wenyuan Environmental Protection shared why HDPE has developed so well.
1. Superior compressive strength and pressure bearing capacity compared to the compressive strength of other molecules
2. It has high wear resistance and greatly improves the service life of the pipe.
3. With corrosion resistance, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe is a saturated molecular group structure, so the chemical stability is extremely high, and it can withstand the corrosion of various corrosive media and organic solvents within a certain temperature box concentration range.
4. It has anti-aging properties of weather-resistant box. HDPE is a saturated molecular group structure, and carbon black ultraviolet attracting agent is added, which greatly enhances the service life of ultra-high pipe.
5. Non-toxic, tasteless, highly environmentally friendly, it is a nationally certified environmentally friendly material, no toxicity, any anti-fouling and anti-mite. Because the surface is smooth, it will not be attached by microorganisms such as shellfish and fungi in the sea or sewage. It will not cause the growth of scale box microorganisms, will not increase the roughness, and ensure the stability of water quality.
6. Low maintenance cost. HDPE does not need to be rust-proof, anti-fouling, insulation, heat preservation and other measures and maintenance after several decades of operation, which can save more than 95% of operation and maintenance costs.

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