Polyethylene Dredging Floater

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 mdpe floater Features 
 1) Light weight, easy for installation and movement
 2) The costs and performances are much better than steel pontoons.
 3) Good Flexibility, excellent impact resistance, particularly suitable in the open sea. 
 4) Higher corrosive resistance, Anti-uv,anti-aging, it can be used for 5-8 years.
 5) Temprature range: from – 60 to 80°C.
 6) The outer and inter wall are very smooth, friction coefficient is tiny, all of these features are good for transmission

Mdpe floater with PU foam

mdpe floater made from raw middle density polyethylene material. It is made of polyurethane foam which can increase the its buoyancy and durability. Mainly used for sand excavating dredging pipeline laying in the water to prevent hdpe pipe sink. keep pipe floating.


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